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  • Tax Return Australia
    Tax Return Australia: Individual Tax Return

    When it comes to dealing with tax returns, there are very few people who love to fill them out! Of course, dealing with returns will never be easy because it’s so complicated especially for those who have never dealt with them before. However when you know a few things about filing returns, it does make it a lot easier. Here are a few things you may want to know about your tax return.

    Where Should You Start From?

    First and foremost, you need to collect all of your necessary data. This means getting your work information; and if you need to claim certain deductions then you need to have receipts also. You may need to have your invoices for business expenses, credit card statements if you use them and any additional supporting documentation. For more information, you may want to …

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  • company’s tax returns
    Things to Not Forget If You Do Your Own Tax Return

    In Australia, everyone will need to submit a tax return and it can be a bit of a nightmare for most. However, businesses especially need to be extra careful when it comes to getting their returns right simply because they have added responsibility but at times, some things are easily forgotten. So, what should you never forget? Here are a few things you may not want to forget about when submitting your company’s tax returns.

    Ensure the Tax Return Is Submitted On Time

    This is probably something most people won’t forget but just in case; never wait until the last minute to file a return. Now, if you are smart, you’ll do whatever needs to be done as soon as the tax year ends and get the tax return submitted. Waiting until the last few days before the deadline is …

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  • Tax Law Firms
    Different Types Of Tax Law Firms

    For all those in need of tax comfort and tax help, there is tax organization that can help you get out of your financial obligations and cut down your taxation by a significant amount. Ever since the international disaster several People in america turned to not paying their taxation, today they face serious expenses and need help from these attorneys to information them out of the blunder.

    With numerous companies competing for attention, it is about time that someone took observe of them and classified one from another. A organization who specializes in tax law can be either a easy organization or a CPA organization or it may even be a multiple organization.

    A easy organization is made up of only attorneys and though there might be legal staff operating as staff in the organization but the greatest power …

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  • CONTEMPORANEOUS documentation
    Can You Afford to Lose $25,000?

    I don’t know about you, but I certainly can’t. But that’s exactly what happened recently to a couple in U.S. Tax Court.This website will help us get additional information.

    Now, a common question clients frequently ask tax pros is “how much can I deduct?” The answer is always: what is legitimate, ordinary and necessary, and DOCUMENTED. If it isn’t legitimate and ordinary and necessary, you don’t have a deduction. If you don’t have documentation, you don’t have a deduction. And if you don’t have CONTEMPORANEOUS documentation, you may lose out on a deduction!

    Losing out on any legitimate deduction is painful. It was especially painful for a married couple last summer when the U.S. Tax Court sided with the IRS in denying a $25,000 charitable deduction (David P. Durden and Veronda L. Durden v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue, …

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  • Tax Accountant
    5 Reasons to Change Your Tax Accountant

    Most business owners are reluctant to change their tax accountants because they get used to one. But it is a good idea to think about change if your accountant has been with your business for several years, yet you are not completely satisfied with the services they provide. Not all tax accountants are exactly the same, so you don’t have to settle for second best. Select the best tax accountants, who provide not just tax consultation, but offer their financial acumen and business ideas to improve your business.

    Here are five reasons why you might think about changing your tax accountant to get better value for your money:

    Reason 1: You don’t trust your accountant
    It is important to have a good relationship with your accountant. Your accountant must be your business’ ‘best friend’ who returns your calls promptly and …

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